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Initial Client Session 75 minutes 75  minutes Call Us
Return Client 55 minutes 55 minutes Call Us
Return Client 75 minutes 75 minutes Call Us
Learn Self-Hypnosis -Four 60 minute sessions 60 minutes
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          Psychotherapy and Alternative Therapy

Initial Client Session                           60 minutes     Call Us

Return Client Session                         50 minutes     Call Us


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 Important Information about my Hypnotherapy Service

Each hypnosis session is setup and designed to fit your personal needs. My technique span a period of over 30 years and what my clients have to say about me serves as proof of how effective my method is. My clients learn helpful Anti-Anxiety techniques and self hypnosis. My ultimate goal is my client’s ability to get back to their normal self.


Hypnosis is an effective, non-invasive, drug free way to rid yourself of unwanted habits like nail-biting, cuticle biting, thumb sucking, overeating, craving unhealthy foods or snacks, exessive drinking, smoking, bad memories, procrastination and it can also help with some issues that doctors can’t seem to help. Hypnosis also helps with problems such as fibromyalgia, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, migraines,or chronic pain, problems that worsen due to stress and so much more.



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