Hypnosis is an effective aid in losing weight and maintaining weight loss because it deals directly with the subconscious mind to change eating habits.

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Your subconscious mind can help you:

  1. Eliminate unhealthy eating patterns and replace them with new,
  2. Healthy patterns than can help you lose weight
  3. And keep it off!

Since we all have our own unique eating habits, it’s important to recognize specifically which parts of your eating habits and patterns are healthy and which aren’t. And then find a hypnosis program that can help you deal with your specific eating issues.


Dr. Mari Terzaghi at Quantum Hypnosis Therapy  offers clients the powerful combination of extensive expertise of clinical psychology and clinical hypnotherapy.



The success of our program is do to reprogramming the direct cause of weight problem–the underlying emotional reasons for weight gain and overeating. This is done by directly accessing the unconscious mind where habitual patterns reside.  For change to happen it has to be done on the unconscious level.  Most weight loss programs address the conscious mind though will power which is why they are unsuccessful.  Will power can not overpower and change the beliefs that determine our actions.


Clients find that they are losing weight quickly and easily.  Overweight people, almost universally, eat in response to feelings instead of the physical sensation we call hunger.

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Identifying some practical areas of your life where a few changes would make big differences. For example:

  1. No longer responding to emotions with food
  2. Not eating between supper and bedtime
  3. No longer snacking between meals


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